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Don’t Grow a Business — Build a Brand

Stagnation should not stop you from building your brand to greatness. Find inspiration in the strategy of your story. Our Muses can help.

Branding is the backbone of business.

As cracks begin to show…

The first ten hires in your business can keep your beat, but the next 20 only results in discord. Customer satisfaction, reputation, or sales can slip at any moment without cohesion.

Where we step in…

Tenth Muse helps you strengthen your brand internally and externally so that it can carry the weight as you advance, creating ease and establishing harmony.

It’s time to Live Your Brand.

it’s all about your story

Helping service organizations build their brand, exceed client expectations, and invest in Smart Growth.

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Curious How Your Brand Stacks Up?

Does Your Brand Have the Right Stuff?


What We Do

We Help Business Live Their Brand

Branding | Creative | Development | Marketing | Campaign Strategy | Relationship Management

Ready to Live Your Brand?

The Muse Collective

Finally, a Branding Agency with Business Savvy

We are your brand specialists comprised of strategists, designers, developers, and marketing/advertising professionals to help you pivot towards Smart Growth.

Our strategists and designers are seasoned business professionals, not just marketing experts.

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