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Come Into the Light of Recovery

Come out from the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery.

The Challenge

This piece was directly in alignment with our culture; it’s about people. Hope Rising came to us with a need to encompass all they were trying to provide in a succinct manner digitally and graphically. They save lives by helping people safely rid the pains of detox through medication, support, love, and hope and put them on a path of lifetime recovery. Now, how do you do that and present on the web?

Our Approach

We begin by understanding their Why. Why did they want to exist, and why do they do what they do? We extract information to give us a basis to go by and do market research. Our finding lead us to a full brand focusing on their basic needs to start; logo, business cards, informative pamphlets, custom website, targeted SEO, and training.

Hope Rising provides a home-centered experience for the most comfortable recovery possible. Like their patients, they have become our family and friends due to their mission and purpose. They are now on track to be a dominant face in the local market with trackable SEO and targeted marketing specific to their personal needs; not just a sold SAAS service.

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