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We Are Pathfinders

Forbes: One of America’s Top-Rated Tax Firms of 2020

The Challenge

HintonBurdick was a wonderful challenge for Tenth Muse. One of the largest tax and audit organizations in the southern states, this company has over 100 employees stretching across four states with 12 partners. How to keep everyone heard, participating, understood, and on-board for the duration of the project?

That is a great question.

Our Approach

Tenth Muse was invited in to meet with every decision-maker and set our branding process in motion. We evaluated very carefully what mattered most to each of them and reviewed the values the team stood for. So many ideas of what this new evolution in visual branding should achieve – the bar was very high. Our Muses decided to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

An amazing engagement of collaboration that progressed over a six month period; resulting in a truly unique rebrand that is HintonBurdick. It was the reinvention of their brand strategy along with a mark that everyone was on board with. The success you can see here.


Services Provided

  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Brand_Strategy_icon

    Brand Strategy

    Communicate with audiences cohesively in everything presented, done, and said. More importantly, establish trust reliability with customers.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Identity_Development_icon

    Identity Development

    Collaboratively, we help explore identity, and create a fresh mark that is functional and is psychologically appealing to your selected target audience.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Internal_Culture_icon

    Internal Culture

    Imagine your business where every employee, process, and action is tailored to reflect your values, vision, and intention.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Advertising-Print_icon

    Advertising Print/Media

    Every visual avenue of advertising is an opportunity to let your brand shine. Be sure you keep things consistent and authentic to your message.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Customer_Experience_icon

    Customer Experience Planning

    Apply your brand in all the right places creates a superior customer experience throughout the entire client life-cycle. Map it effectively with a Muse.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Content_Creation_icon

    Content Creation

    It's like walking a tightrope; it needs to be in perfect balance to provide a good user experience. Being impactful and to the point yet maintaining an emotional connection.

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Brand Strategy

The strategy to be implemented for HintonBurdick was an extensive project to ensure we quickly phased out all of the original mark to get the new work in front of their clients as a “big reveal”.

We committed first to an extensive brand book for their offices and team members to put into play; from their office apparel, business cards, proposal templates, to their email signatures.


Web Design

Tenth Muse carefully selected the image library and messaging that was implemented into the website. We worked closely with Hinton Burdick and another developer to layout and demonstrate where the brand message should play through to the user. We counseled and injected the strategy throughout the content on the site.

Presentation Assets

HintonBurdick often presents and exhibits at some of the largest financial business summits across the US.

We quickly adapted the new logo and messaging across all of their tradeshow hardware, Powerpoint & Presi decks, and their giveaway items. Their new brand was debut at a Las Vegas conference. It was well received and commented that it looked and felt exactly the way their industry had always seen them be represented.

Apparel & Internal Culture

Great lengths were taken to make sure that the best part of HintonBurrdick (their team!) could feel the freedom of using these new tools. Now that the multiple offices and teams had an “official playbook” to bounce things off of the individual units began to reflect the whole.

It was now understood what the HintonBurdick approach, strategy and values were all about and how to implement it consistantly down to the smallest detail. That’s brand in a nutshell.


The Result

The HintonBurdick brand is one of our favorites because of how many individuals we were able to navigate through the process. It takes a great plan, but an even greater execution, to get a dynamic brand to set in across different offices in different states and be successful for all of the community to see.

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