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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy sets the tone for all that is to be created.

Defining your brand is like trying to define your soul. It’s complex and multidimensional. Most companies try to describe it, by talking around it. Unfortunately, it is never communicated with consistency or clarity.

Imagine that our intention, values, and vision are like a sphere of energy being sent out in every direction. Depending on the angle that your audience is engaging with you, they will receive a different perspective of who you are, causing confusion and misalignment.

At Tenth Muse, we have developed a tried and true method to help you define your brand so that others can easily understand it, at first glance. This allows you to communicate with your audience cohesively in everything that you present, do, and say. More importantly, the essential trust required to do business is established.

Let us strategize with you.

Boiling Down Your Intention and Values into Clear Communication.

We help you answer the question: What message should be communicated to what audience to convey what intention and value?

As your Muse, we must be fully aligned with who you are if we are to create an attraction with your desired audience. Our process is a deep dive into who you are. We help you organize and define your intention, prioritize your execution, and simplify the message so that your audience will resonate with you.

How much money is it worth to you?

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” – Abraham Lincoln

Starting out with the right strategy will prevent you from attracting the wrong clients, creating ineffective marketing campaigns, and building a website that has outrageous bounce rates. How much is that worth to you over the course of your business life-cycle?

Aim Carefully – Do It Right, The First Time.

A Brand Foundation to Create From

Our deliverable to you is a document that will clearly communicate your values, audience, core messaging, and intention. It is a guide to those that will be tasked to represent your brands such as your employees, leadership team, printers, designers, copywriters, and board of directors. We will teach you how to use the Brand Foundation to start implementing your brand into every touchpoint that your audience experiences.

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Meet the Muse Collective

Muse Collective
  • Brand Strategy

    Communicate with audiences cohesively in everything presented, done, and said. More importantly, establish trust reliability with customers.

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  • Identity Development

    Collaboratively, we help explore identity, and create a fresh mark that is functional and is psychologically appealing to your selected target audience.

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  • Content Creation

    It's like walking a tightrope; it needs to be in perfect balance to provide a good user experience. Being impactful and to the point yet maintaining an emotional connection.

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  • Customer Experience Planning

    Apply your brand in all the right places creates a superior customer’s experience throughout the entire client life-cycle. Map is effectively with a Muse.

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  • Internal Culture

    Imagine your business where every employee, process, and action is tailored to reflect your values, vision, and intention.

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  • Advertising Print/Media

    Every visual avenue of advertising is an opportunity to let your brand shine. Be sure you keep things consistent and authentic to your message.

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  • Customer Relationship Mgt.

    One of the most powerful tools to control the multitude of clients, metrics, and data for business. We show how tweaking the controls can generate sales of even potentially cool leads.

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  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Digital marketing today has more offerings than ever before to help you succeed. The hardest part is identifying which ones to use.

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  • Custom Websites/Apps

    These days, anyone can create a website. The skill is in creating a sales tool that reflects brand perfectly and converts users into opportunities and sales.

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