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Ensuring your future success


Since 1909–The second oldest company in Las Vegas.

The Challenge

Rebranding a 110-year-old professional services company is humbling. Cragin & Pike represent the kind of client service that we all aspire to provide for our clients. Their track record in Las Vegas is impressive, but the culture they have developed in their team after 110 years is more.

Our Approach

What an honor it was for our Muses to translate their exceptional quality, but humble character into words and images. Our challenge was to allow the outside world to feel what they receive when they work with any professional at Cragin & Pike.

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Services Provided

  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Brand_Strategy_icon

    Brand Strategy

    Communicate with audiences cohesively in everything presented, done, and said. More importantly, establish trust reliability with customers.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Custom_Websites_icon

    Custom Website

    These days, anyone can create a website. The skill is in creating a sales tool that reflects brand perfectly and converts users into opportunities and sales.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Internal_Culture_icon

    Internal Culture

    Imagine your business where every employee, process, and action is tailored to reflect your values, vision, and intention.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Advertising-Print_icon

    Advertising Print/Media

    Every visual avenue of advertising is an opportunity to let your brand shine. Be sure you keep things consistent and authentic to your message.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Customer_Experience_icon

    Customer Experience Planning

    Apply your brand in all the right places creates a superior customer experience throughout the entire client life-cycle. Map it effectively with a Muse.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Content_Creation_icon

    Content Creation

    It's like walking a tightrope; it needs to be in perfect balance to provide a good user experience. Being impactful and to the point yet maintaining an emotional connection.

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Brand Strategy

Identifying the core values with five of Cragin & Pike’s leaders was simple; they have been practicing their brand internally for years. Our role was to record and translate their value into a story. One that their audiences could relate to and emotionally connect. We helped form the message, tightened the logo and identity, and sealed the intention into a brand book to keep the brand consistency going forward.



Fully Custom Website

Being the vital marketing touchpoint for their audience, the website for Cragin & Pike required an individual conversation with each of their target audience archetypes. Instead of merely telling what services they offer, we spoke to the decision-maker of the target industry directly.

We demonstrated a story about how Cragin & Pike’s services were tailored specifically for them and addressed their unique pain points. The message conveys the productive value that Cragin & Pike provides its clients. We then overhauled their client application to match the new brand and create a seamless user experience.

Internal Culture

Change is difficult for any organization, but especially for one with such a long history. Our goal was to switch the new changes into an opportunity and celebrate the next chapter of Cragin & Pike.

The leaders united with the new brand, while our Muses created a Brand in Action, or a simple, visual guide showing what every team member can do to live the brand. We also created a brand book to detail the brand and created give-away items that united the team. The result was an instantaneous adaption.


Environmental Branding

Cragin & Pike have a beautiful education room that is large enough to fit their whole team of 70+ team members. This room became the perfect billboard to reach the organization and any group using the space of what it means to be a Craig & Piker. Our Muses inspired all of the signage and installation.


With the new website to communicate the brand and catch interested clients, our Muses created magazine ads for the community and postcards for existing clients to spread the word and increase brand awareness.


From email signatures to envelopes to mousepads, our Muses were able to implement Cragin & Pike’s new brand internally and externally.


With Gratitude

It has been our sincere honor and privilege being your Muse, and we thank you for your ongoing relationship. We love being your retainer Muse-on-call. Here’s to another century of superior client service! Cheers!

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