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A Solution That Works…

Reclaim Your Life.

Having treated chronic disease for my entire career, I get it, and I believe you.

The Challenge

Our most diverse client for Tenth Muse and one of our favorites.

Dr. Vosloo came to us as he relocated his family from Portland, Oregon, from his very successful clinic treating Lyme and mold illnesses. We rallied every Muse to create a strategy for a myriad of brands that work cohesively. It must incorporate a full product line of supplements formulated by Dr. Vosloo, a new destination treatment clinic in St. George, Utah (Restore Bio+Clinic), to establish Dr. Vosloo as the authority in the medical field with the latest technologies. All the while, still incorporating the practice that was in full swing in Portland.



Our Approach

We used all of our Muse power to incorporate an extensive brand across three very different target audiences. The identities required distinctly different characteristics but successfully had to incorporate into a relatable family of marks and messages. Three websites, three independent marks, up to seven target audiences identified and spoken to successfully with different purposes.

It was a chicken and the egg scenario, trying to incorporate what was first, second, simultaneously, or last. We had many strategy sessions to get to the success of what they have today.


Services Provided

  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Brand_Strategy_icon

    Brand Strategy

    Communicate with audiences cohesively in everything presented, done, and said. More importantly, establish trust reliability with customers.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Custom_Websites_icon

    Custom Websites/Apps

    These days, anyone can create a website. The skill is in creating a sales tool that reflects brand perfectly and converts users into opportunities and sales.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Identity_Development_icon

    Identity Development

    Collaboratively, we help explore identity, and create a fresh mark that is functional and is psychologically appealing to your selected target audience.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Advertising-Print_icon

    Advertising Print/Media

    Every visual avenue of advertising is an opportunity to let your brand shine. Be sure you keep things consistent and authentic to your message.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Customer_Experience_icon

    Customer Experience Planning

    Apply your brand in all the right places creates a superior customer experience throughout the entire client life-cycle. Map it effectively with a Muse.

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  • Tenth_Muse_Design_Digital_Marketing_icon

    Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Digital marketing today has more offerings than ever before to help you succeed. The hardest part is identifying which ones to use.

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Brand Strategy

The approach that integrates Return Healthy, Restore Bio+Clinic, Restorative Health Clinic, and Dr. Vosloo is a delicate balance of marks and palette selection that allows each to represent independently and integrate seamlessly. Collectively they share the same palette and change, which is dominant to lead the customer in the correct direction.

Logos do the heavy lifting in their roles of recognition, required to be as small as an app icon or the size of a tradeshow booth. Our Muses specialize in crafting these logo solutions with all of that in mind, allowing them to be visually stimulating, memorable, and versatile.


Web Design

Our Muses heavily strategized and evaluated how a family of four websites could speak to their various audiences and effectively convert sales. The path between all of the sites was scrutinized and carefully outlined to give the best user experience. Getting users to purchase the products while learning more about the full treatments available and respectively adding to Dr. Vosloo’s validity was vital.

These family of websites supports each other in analytics, tag managers, digital marketing campaigns, sales, and signups. All of this while conveying a cohesive message and branding visuals. They can navigate between them all and never feel a break in user experience.

Robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM strategy to weave and engage cross-platform sharing amongst four entities took a lot of Muse expertise. We have implemented a level of tags, customer info collection, and drip email campaigns to make even Ontraport blush.

With diligence and skill of integration, Return Healthy eCommerce products are offered and purchased to the patients of the treatment clinic in Portland, Oregon, as well as the destination Restore Bio+Clinic in St. George, Utah. People who need more expertise from Dr. Vosloo that currently use the Return Healthy products quickly know how to access the clinic or validate Dr. Vosloo’s experience before scheduling a treatment protocol.


The Result

Tenth Muse has manuevered many learning experiences with these projectts and

It’s a win-win for everyone who’s searching for answers and returning to good health.


The Gratitude

Not sure who got the better deal out of this one! Tenth Muse and Dr. Vosloo have benefitted greatly from the relationships that have grown from these countless strategy sessions over the past few years.

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