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Healthy Soil. Healthy People.

Remineralizing the Earth one garden at a time.

The Challenge

Volcanic Organic is an innovative health company. A truly unique product of volcanic rock mixed with a uniquely formulated soil compound, it will revolutionize the way home gardens can produce the ultimate in nutrients. Seth came to us with this company idea as a side hustle, but his passion for giving people nourishment through this science was essential for him.

We worked with Seth during after hours of his normal 7-7 job. His dedication was inspiring to Tenth Muse.

Our Solution

We unearthed the perfect brand strategy, mark, and eCommerce website that mirrored the impact of his product. Product package design and product placement are also aspects that we are continually strategizing with Seth as he makes his splash in supplying the best growing conditions for every healthy food popping out of the earth.

As a thank you for the work we had accomplished together, he blessed us with a mango spoutling popping out of the volcanic soil we have been marketing for him. We named it baby Groot!

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