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Herb capsule

Gain Back Nutrients

If you suffer from a chronic disease, the last thing you need is nutrient depletion.

Finally, a pharmacist that confronts the dangers of Prednisone and wants to do something about it.

The Challenge

How do you create a treatment for a treatment? Well, that is what Dr. Megan has accomplished. Suffering through a “prescribed treatment” that almost cost her life, she came to us with the spark of an idea and a passion for wanting to help others. She was a perfect client for Tenth Muse.

Being a pharmacist gave her a unique approach in creating what we coined as an “anti-script”. A supplement solution that counters all the horrible side effects that prescription drugs stolen from the body.

She needed an “eCommerce website” is what she factually announced when she first came in, but now she realizes how magical and far-reaching the storytelling of a brand can go.



Our Approach

A brand that spoke directly to those suffering from the same symptoms is what was needed. Through the care, empathy and true science that Dr. Megan brought to the table, we created the product of Nutranize™. Warm supporting colors, carefully crafted messaging, and specially selected fonts established her product name, style, and strategy.

We have grown much with Dr. Megan as we have navigated the everchanging landscape of FDA, Google protocols and Facebook hurdles for supplement sales in this day and age. After establishing not only one, but two websites, packaging, social media assets, videos, and a weekly Facebook Livestream to support her newly developed tribe of patients on the mend – we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We anticipate seeing Dr. Megan take on even more of the prescription industry with style and grace.


Herb capsule
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