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The Challenge

MAAI came to us with wanting to do it better than anyone else in the medical aesthetics industry. She had personally seen a lack of care and dedication throughout her education training and new she could do it leagues better. If you in the industry of aesthetics the one thing you can’t overlook is…well your look. MAAI needed a brand and mark that demonstrated their commitment to being the best in education, training, and a true advocate for patients.

The website must imbue the brand seamlessly while performing some heavy functional lifting.

Our Approach

Our Muses identified the delicate balance between modern style, professionalism, and proving MAAI to be an authority in the industry. The brand hits on all tones and supplies the team at MAII with all the assets and guidelines needed to grow their brand and business. We are excited to see MAII expand its training workshops, providing a new tier of confident and exquisitely trained aestheticians to meet the need of the new corner store injectable market. Yvonne now has a practice of 7 plus herself and performs workshops in over 14 cities, including Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Maui.

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