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Be the Change

Humanity stands at a cross roads. Which path will you choose?

A passionate global New Humanity tribe is igniting.

The Challenge

Conveying progressive ideas and new approaches for our society’s challenges of this millennia can be difficult. Tenth Muse discovered the founders of New Humanity as they were on a search to find those who could understand, relate, and help put a visual container on these revolutionary concepts. Contributing to the validity of their research and approach to change the systemic degradation of the human race.

Every New Humanity project they engage in provides a puzzle piece to create a new, sustainable, regenerative, harmonious nation on Earth. All their organizations and collaborative ventures provide fertile ground for creating a New Humanity culture of respect, individuality, passion, and purpose.

Our Approach

Working with New Humanity was a myriad of new ideas to learn and understand. We thoroughly enjoyed and honored every strategy session that we were able to spend with Rennie and Kirsten. Our visual solutions for the brand, logo, and website were “everything we were looking for”. They marveled that Tenth Muse could identify with their target demographic and create stunning visual queues in all the right places to stimulate their audience to engage.

We have been excited to support and evolve their website to even later include eCommerce. Their website is one of the most in-depth custom sites Tenth Muse has built for the client to have total and complete control of every option of every page. They enjoy the flexibility and freedom of using their own staff to work on the site.



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