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Quality — From the Ground Up.

Building more than quality homes.

The Challenge

Silver Legacy Contractors has been making people’s lives better every day by simply being dedicated to their craft and providing solid homes that are built to last for over 10 years. The problem was they needed a platform to convey that online. They understand their clients – they work hard too. How do we present a reputable brand to the degree that is understood by years of work? We begin by understanding the business as a whole and how it is known by their past customers.

Our Approach

We appreciate working with their down to earth approach and the fact that these guys always go the extra mile. We made sure that they understood they were in good hands. Utilizing basic customer experience and user experience methods, we were able to identify how they were perceived by their customers. Applying gathered data, we created a brand foundation thus laying the framework for a customer-focused user interface that was simple to convert leads.

The company now had a multitude of branded resources from a logo, business cards, digital presence, Google-friendly website, and an ongoing understanding of why they exist as a brand.

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