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We Want to Make You Smile

A dental practice with everything going for them but a brand that represented them poorly.

The Challenge

A very successful dental practice in St. George, Utah is so busy that they need a new building. It’s a great problem to have, but they didn’t have a brand or even a logo that represented their caliber of dedication to the industry.

This is where Tenth Muse stepped in to outline the next best steps for Dr. Stevens, his practice of five doctors, and an office team of over 22 dedicated individuals.

Our Approach

The professional and compassionate team at Riverside Dental Care had their internal culture dialed in quite nicely. It was easy for our Muses to see where we could sharpen their visual appearance to reflect those values. Beginning with a rebrand of an antiquated mark that they had for over 10 years and a new modern, state of the art building to move into, Tenth Muse had to create a relatable mark that people would recognize as the evolution, and not total abandonment, of the icon they had grown to see around town.

With all-new office, promotional material, billboards, and magazine advertising Riverside and their patrons have been thoroughly enjoying the new look and feel.

As their clientele rockets forward and just under 1,000 Google reviews – half of those in just the last 6 months, they may need a third building in the not too distant future! It is easy for St. Georgians to choose Dr. Stevens and his team at one of their office locations.

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