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The Challenge

Set in the red desert of St. George Utah, this RV resort wanted to be the number one RV destination for the classy adventurer. They believe in charm, convenience, love of travel, and modern upgrades.


Jason and Lorren came to us with a desire. They didn’t want to do it like everyone else they wanted to do it better. For a Muse that is music to our ears and we were super eager to jump in.

Our Approach

Tenth Muse assisted not only with the brand strategy, logo, and website, but also assisted in getting them setup with their booking software and merchant services. Client relations are prime for the hospitality industry and we successfully launched all of these digital engagements and communications directly aligned with their story.

SEO strategy and Google PPC campaigns were so successful that we had them booked solid before they had finished their construction. Travelers could sense the charm, adventure, and safety of their brand in every engagement!

That is Living your Brand.


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