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Accessible & Compassionate Healthcare

Caring Hearts. Healing Hands.

The Challenge

Laramie Physicians for Women and Children has been a leader of the healthcare community in southeast Wyoming since 1973. The time had come for a rebrand and spark a new image that aligns with the new vision of the practice. Their practice offers Pediatric Services and Women’s Health Services but was having difficulty presenting that graphically to meet the needs of adult care and pediatric. They needed a beginning to their long journey; a logo, print/digital assets, and new apparel image.

Our Approach

We identified the core value proposition and defined the brand’s vision for the years to come. Once the brand foundation was established, we created a series of logos and icons that encompass that collaborative visions; to continue to be the leader of the healthcare community for women and children. The brand began to come together in harmony with the company’s vision. Implementation was immediate to show the prompt professional nature and it was embraced by customers with loving arms.

Laramie Physicians now has a brand foundation to build upon with a focus on the customer first and foremost. A timeless brand that resonates with both women and children while allowing for growth and development of the brand for years to come.

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