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The Literary Soul of the Community

Give yourself a break from screen life.

The Challenge

More intimate than a big box store or even the library, The Book Bungalow in downtown St. George, Utah will help you disconnect, browse, and indulge your senses the old fashioned way–using quiet, a comfortable chair, and your imagination.

If you want speed and discounts, stick with Amazon. Remember, however, that a better experience is worth more. if you want to slow down, explore, and discover new worlds, The Book Bungalow is your perfect refuge. As you find a book, take a sip of your favorite beverage, turn the page, and settle into one of our comfy chairs, your body will sigh in relief, grateful for the respite.


Our Approach

These days you can buy a book anywhere – but from an independently owned bookstore? Now that’s a good story.

Our Muses were all over wanting to brand the bookstore’s owner, Tanya to align the mark to her vision, values, goals, and HOA! Tenth Muse worked directly with the historic district to stay within the strict parameters for modifying a building that is over 100 years old. We created impactful logo and brand, dimensional signage, environmental branding, and giveaway items for her patrons to enjoy.

Our hope? That the Book Bungalow will be there when the building turns 200.

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