What is the Tenth Muse?

In classic Greek mythology there were nine muses that inspired poets, musicians, scientists, artists, etc.

Shakespeare introduced the Tenth Muse to the world when he said: “Be thou the Tenth Muse, ten times in worth than those old nine which rhymers invocate”.

The Tenth Muse unites those nine muses into one focused source of inspiration. We are the 21’st century Tenth Muse - the fusion of creativity into a digital world.

Bios & Partners

The management team at Tenth Muse is comprised of highly talented individuals working in our passion that bring a unique skill set to the table. Together, we embody all of the services of a complete marketing agency and are able to provide our customers top tier service and gorgeous results! Each of us strive to achieve that perfect fusion of logic and creativity to implement your brand across traditional and digital advertising channels.

Kelly Lust

AKA “Batgirl - Fighting the Injustice of Bad Design” - Creative Storyteller

Creative Director | Client Manager | Print Manager | Campaign Manager

With more than 15 years of graphic design and marketing experience, Kelly has created a multitude of successful branding campaigns and websites for hundreds of clients in diverse industries. She has worked as the Creative Director for 6 years for a web-focused marketing agency in Northern Colorado. She also has experience working in a large format print shop and has experience working with physical collateral. She split off from her agency and started Tenth Muse Design 5 years ago. She offers effective designs that accomplish client goals efficiently, within budget and has a track record of overly satisfying her customers’ expectations.

You can see more of her accomplishments here.

Jason Williams

AKA “Code Slinger” - Digital Engineer

Director of Development and UI/UX Design

Jason has been developing websites for over 8 years and has a B.S. in Information Technology. In addition, he is A+ certified in project management, database administration, security, networking and web development. He has coded hundreds of websites and has been involved in many other roles including sales, design, project management, quality assurance and network administration. Most recently, he has fulfilled on contract work with a well-known company called Modern Tribe and worked on projects for clients such as Forbes, Eventbrite, Stanford University and Columbia Law Review. Before his career in IT and web development, he owned and operated a restaurant for over 10 years, and has been a business entrepreneur for 25 years.

You can see more of his accomplishments here.

Zach Lust

AKA “Catalyst” - The Putty that Fills in the Gaps

Manager of Operations | Project Manager | Client Manager | Copywriting

With a strong financial, operational and technical background and direct experience developing software, managing projects and spoiling customers, Zach has the niche experience to ensure the project exceeds your expectations, finishes on time and is within budget. Prior to joining Tenth Muse Design, Zach held roles like operations manager over production and logistics, Corporate Senior Accountant, and a CPA. He has a B.A. in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting. During this time, he always had website and design side projects and now does it every day!

You can see more of his accomplishments here.

Matt Karlstrum

AKA “The Favorite Twin” - Creative Designer

Design | New Technology

"As a young man living in rural Wyoming, Matt had a tremendous desire to become a great designer. As a communicator, collector, connector, and creator Matt operates at the intersection of aesthetics and programing to craft delightful brand experiences. He lives to craft meaningful ideas that endure. His skills are put to good use at Tenth Muse."

so here's his favorite song

Brien Sonzogni

AKA "Ivory Gorilla" - Account Wrangler Extraordinaire. Able to solve tall problems in a single phone call.

Creative Account Manager

With an MBA and a background in multiple different industries, Brien has been in the marketing and project management field for over 8 years. Whether it be playing division 1 football in college, being able to quote just about any movie at the drop of a hat, or most recently becoming a Sommelier via the Court of Master Sommeliers, you can be sure that Brien will always put his best foot forward, even if that “foot” does wear size 16 shoes. Dubbed the Ivory Gorilla, Brien brings a playful professionalism to the team. He is the client manager and liaison with all the tools needed to help customers thrive. Creativity, innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are sure to be available in full when you are working with Brien.

Maddie Blom

AKA “Long Arm of Long Island” | Fastest Logo In The West

Creative Designer

You can see more of her accomplishments here.

Giovann Purcell

AKA “The Keeper” - Budget Setter, Master of Numbers

BookKeeper | Accounting

Giovann, better known by her stage name Gio-Dragon made a big bang in the music industry first as a member if G-Girls, when she was only twenty one. She successfully auditioned for Tenth Muse Entertainment in 2018, winning first place at the open audition from her red velvet vocal tones. In January 2018, Gio-Dragon was cast in the role of Lady of War in the television drama Bookkeeping Over Flowers, a popular character iconicized by her black/pink outfits. The drama began airing on January 30, 2018 on TMD for 16 episodes. In February 2018, Gio-Dragon debuted with the single album =SUM. Her official music video for title track "=SUM" was released on Feb 19. On March 11, she got 7th on the 2018 Billboard Watch list.

You can see more of her accomplishments here.

Jesse Carrigan

AKA “The Gamer” - Renaissance man

Getting stuff done | Administrative Assistant

Goofy, Enigmatic, Ambitious. These three things encompass only a fraction of the individual currently known as Jesse. In 1988 he burst onto the scene in the New California Republic at a whopping 10 pounds 13.5 ounces, setting a record for the largest newborn at Riverside General Hospital that year. When Jesse is not vanquishing foes with a well-placed spell, he enjoys getting lost in a good book while listening to music, playing video games with his amazing wife, hiking, and barbecuing. He foresees a great war on the horizon fought between our secret Alien overlords and mankind. He strives to unite the humans and lead them to victory!

You can see more of his accomplishments here.

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