To stay relevant and grow your business into new channels it’s essential to have continuous visibility to your target audience. Considered a pillar of SEO, social media is essential to visibility and it’s an inexpensive channel to increase brand awareness in local markets.

The key is quality posts, consistency, and constant monitoring. Tenth Muse offers a wide range of services to help build your social media presence and drive traffic to your site.

Posts Designed for Your Target Market

Social media management isn’t just about posting to Facebook. Correctly drafted posts act as a funnel guiding the customer to your call-to-action (CTA). Social media is a powerful tool for directing traffic to your website because each post can be specifically targeted to an audience. Tenth Muse targets by age, gender, marital status, employment, and likes.

Tenth Muse offers more with branded posts that are specific to your target market. While most advertisements are simply images tagged with a brand, Tenth Muse selects imagery that adheres to your brand and appeals to your audience. Tenth Muse is committed to quality posts that generate sales and brand recognition.

Tenth Muse believes in a soft-touch philosophy. Nobody likes to follow companies that only market their own services by asking for your personal information, it’s important to give something back for free. By providing quality content to the community, funny posts, and information that is helpful to your target market, Tenth Muse is able to build your networks. The Tenth Muse Digital Marketing team is dedicated to providing top-tier content for our clients.

Social Media Management, Monitoring, and Reputation

Posts are only a part of social media management. User interaction and network growth are essential to an effective campaign. Tenth Muse reviews your social profiles twice a day to ensure all interactions are addressed. When an interaction is received, Tenth Muse can respond on your behalf and will engage the user to grow your network. If an interaction is negative, immediate mitigation is taken to prevent brand degradation. By being attentive, many issues can be addressed proactively and prevent negative press.

Reporting and Campaign Growth

Tenth Muse Design is here to help build and grow your social media marketing channel. Reports are generated weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your preference, to show campaign effectiveness. Once a month, Tenth Muse will collaborate with your team to discuss strategy, discuss the following month’s social calendar and answer questions. This transparency is what defines our commitment to the companies we service.

We never require contracts. Every marketing campaign we offer is month to month and completely customizable. Value can be assessed even after a few weeks of management and our commitment is to always provide value to you. When done right, social media can be a helpful sales tool and a great way to connect with your community.


Let Us Do It For You

You won’t need to log into facebook ever again!  Contact us today.

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