Nukhet is a female leadership coach that teaches the “She Leads Fearlessly” program and hired Tenth Muse to develop her brand cornerstones, assist her in fully developing her message and tone, logo, branding package and website.

As a coach and speaker, Nukhet Hendricks empowers women leaders to be the best version of themselves. We created her brand to capture the essence that is Nukhet and is one of Tenth Muse’s many personality brands. The brand is centered around the mandala and rams horns which demonstrate strength while incorporating her Turkish heritage. You can witness her shimmering, but bold presence as she teaches women to be fearless and get out of their own way of progression.

Nukhet’s website is a seamless extension of her brand. Like all of our custom websites, we mold the site around the brand to bring forth the underlying tone or essence of the company, or in this case the person.

“When I took on the challenge of creating a website for my coaching business, my biggest concern was if the designer I choose will be able to create a brand and a website that is a reflection of me. Hearing my concerns, my coach referred me to Tenth Muse Design. Contacting Tenth Muse design and asking them to create my brand was the best decision I made. They created a brand that is a reflection of my essence. Whomever sees my website, they are telling me they love it.

Those who know me, tell me they see “me” when they see my website. I am loving it. The best part is that I felt heard and understood every step of the way. Not only they heard me and what I wanted, they went on to create a logo and a brand beyond my wildest imagination. I look at it and I see myself, my past, my today, my future and my heritage in every little detail of the website. Kelly and Zach are awesome to work with. I even received a personalized instruction video to help me work with my blog. That’s part of their outstanding customer service. I highly recommend Tenth Muse design to anyone who is looking to create a website and a brand that is a true extension of them.”

Nukhet Hendricks – Owner/Coach/Speaker – She Leads Fearlessly

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